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Saturday 14th June

Dear Diary

Move done! I’m so pleased; it’s been back breaking work! I still have a mass of boxes to unpack but it’s all here, my own little place. I’m really hugging myself with excitement over it, I’m thrilled that Stephen walking in on me wanking in the bath that evening has had such a positive outcome, I’m still astounded how he didn’t miss a beat but pulled up his sleeves and helped out, hell that made me horny! I still have no idea why he told Penny, he should have known she would have gone ape at him, my friends girlfriends never like me, still it all worked out in the end, although I’m not holding my breath for an invite to the wedding.

The quiet here astounds me after lodging with the boys for so long, although when I opened my windows this evening I could hear music playing in the house further down the lane so it’s not empty after all. I expect I will get to meet the neighbours soon.

Tomorrow I intend to attack the garden but now I’d better get some much needed sleep.


Sunday 15th June

Dear Diary

I spent most of the morning pulling out thorns, the weather was so lovely and it was thirsty work I can tell you! I’m pleased with the progress though. I think I might have ‘met’ the neighbour too, while I was working I caught a glimpse of someone in the lane, he stood there watching me work for some time before I waved, he waved back but then moved on, typical isn’t it that the first person I see here is when I’m hot and sweaty in my work clothes, I’ve thrown away the cut-off denim shorts, I didn’t realise the crotch was worn so thin and my white vest t’shirt was all smeared with muck and ripped where it caught a thorn, just as well I had taken my bra off earlier else that would have been ruined too!

I spent an hour in the shower this evening, it’s such a blessing to be able to stick my suction cup dildo onto the tiles and impale myself to orgasm without having to worry about someone walking in. I must remember to buy a blind in town tomorrow, I’ve never known a bathroom window without frosted glass, I could even see the neighbour in his kitchen, it was the man from the lane. He looks nice.


Monday 16th June

Dear Diary

I couldn’t get the car to start. Bastard! I had a meeting at work today that was very important, make or break, Geoff had expressly told me to dress smart for these clients and I’d dragged my suit out of the packing boxes, it’s got a little tight over my breasts since I last wore it and the skirt seems a little shorter then I remember but it still looks good, I couldn’t find my black court shoes so I had to go with the black wedge heeled sandals, a little higher than normal but Geoff doesn’t mind that, he’s always looking at my legs, darling old pervert…

So I was frowning at the car and kicking a tyre with added annoyance because I hurt my toe when a car pulled up in the lane and someone calls “Having trouble?” my first thought was what a bloody stupid question! And I answered petulantly “No I always kick the shit out of my car on a Monday!” and he laughed and got out of his car. Joe (his name is Joe, the neighbour, lovely name, flows from my pen Joe Joe Joe… ) tried to turn the engine over, leaning in the driver’s door, his black jeans perfectly cupping a rather fabulous shapely arse and the engine just farted at him like it did me. He offered me a ride into town, he does have a very attractive lopsided grin and a doubly gorgeous naughty twinkle in his eye. I expect he’s married, or gay, or both..

It was a bit of a bumpy ride, his old Landrover is a tank! He seemed to hit every pothole and verge going, I had to keep yanking my skirt down over my stocking tops I gave up in the end, he didn’t seem to notice but he said to give him my car keys and he will have a look at the engine for me.

The meeting went well, Geoff was pleased he got so buoyed up I thought he might explode! I was really excited too judging by all the adrenaline pumping in my body, my panties were soaked and when I took my jacket off I was amazed by how hard my nipple were, oh dear diary you should have seen the look on Geoff’s face, he really can be so beautifully masterly, he reached over and tweaked one of my nipples, I looked at him cheekily and said “Yes Sir?.” the next thing I know I’m face down on the desk, skirt up, knickers ripped, condom slipped on, being fucked hard. He said that wasn’t going to happen again after last time but fuck it felt good, he really does have the most enormous cock, it fills me so completely hitting me so deeply I pulsed into orgasm within minutes! Blissful. I do love the way he sings in his amazing baritone voice as he cums.

I caught the bus home which wasn’t so good because the vibrations were a little uncomfortable on my well fucked pussy and the bathroom blind was difficult to handle.

My keys were pushed through the letter box with a note from Joe, the car is fixed! Men are so wonderful, I’ve baked him a cake which I will take over tomorrow!


Tuesday 17th June

Dear Diary

Geoff was very contrite; I really hate it when he is like that. He tells me that I am a really superb employee and that he’d hate to lose me over some sexual misunderstanding. I told him there was no misunderstanding, he fucks like a champion and I for one think he’s fabulous and have no intention of leaving, I love my job! He did crack a grin at that and went on about his position of responsibility, so in the end I just said “Okay Geoff, I can see you are having trouble with the concept of needing a random release at work with no strings, so promise me it won’t happen again and we will forget all about it.” He suddenly looked like a beached carp gasping for air, a disappointed beached carp, so I kissed his forehead and went back to work.

The car is running beautifully, Joe is going to be a handy man to have as a neighbour, he was in his garden this evening while I was having my shower, I wonder if he knows how to put up blinds…

I took his cake around to him and he was very grateful, he said the car was no trouble at all and to let him know if it does it again, he’s a writer so he’s usually at home procrastinating. Funny and attractive!! We had a coffee and a slice of cake together, he really is amusing, I got chocolate icing on my cheek and he licked it off for me, it felt sensual and I blushed, I swear I did! He blushed too and kissed me again then looked embarrassed, I really didn’t want him to stop, I can’t see him being gay now and there is no evidence of a wife, why did he stop? He’s asked me to join him and a friend in the pub for a drink tomorrow, it will be good to get out, I might do that.


Wednesday 18th June

Dear Diary

On my own in the office today as Geoff was ‘networking’ which loosely translates into a golfing day, after doing my nails and managing to get some filing done I decided to take an extra long lunch and bumped into Stephen. He was really pleased to hear how much I love my new place. I asked after Penny and his face dropped. Not good apparently and all the boys are missing my underwear drying in the bathroom, funny that I thought it annoyed them, they were always taking it down and putting it on my bed for me, sometimes re-washing it if it fell off onto the floor, bit over exuberant, for boy’s they kept that bathroom pretty clean.

I decided after my long lunch to knock off early. There was a note on my door when I got home from Joe, his friend had arrived early and to come over for dinner before the pub, how lovely to be thought of. So I’m off out tonight dear diary…


Thursday 19th June

OMG Diary…

You find me at home, I called in and told Geoff I was sick.

I don’t know where to start.

I went around to Joe’s house at 6pm, the door was open so I walked in, Joe and his friend were in his lounge, he was sitting on the sofa, butt naked, receiving a blow job from a really attractive brunette, she really going for it! I almost walked straight back out but Joe saw me and smiled beckoning me over.

I froze. Honestly.

She didn’t. He was holding her long hair up in a bunch moving his arm as she rhythmically sunk his cock into her mouth, she turned her head sideways to look at me, her eyes meeting mine with an edge of defiance over layered with desire, this woman was lustful and looked so hot with a cock in her mouth. I let out a little involuntary moan and felt my panties moisten. Leaning against the door frame my hand involuntarily slipped onto my breast, squeezing my nipple so hard it bought me around, I looked at Joe and he waved me over again. The only thought in my mind was oh fuck it!

I pulled off my shirt, stepped out of my clothes and threw caution to the wind.

They seemed to devour me, Joe whispered that he knew I would be game and how much he and Karen were going to enjoy my body and I whispered back, not as much as I was going to enjoy theirs, he smiled at that and kissed me, squeezing my breasts hard. I felt Karen behind me easing my legs wider as I stood, pushing me down to all fours, I carried on where she left off on Joe’s cock, the firm shape of it feeling good in my mouth and she knelt behind me and pulled my pussy lips with her teeth, her tongue flicking my clit and her fingers darting inside me, curling, making me squirm on her hand. I was close to cumming when to my surprise they both moved; Joe said ‘not yet baby.’

Karen lay back on the sofa, her legs wide, taking a sip from her drink sitting on the coffee table close by she leaned forward and popped an ice cube in my mouth. I sucked it a little and moved between her thighs, my cold mouth and tongue exploring her wet lips, darting into her hot cunt, I pushed that ice cube inside her and listened to her moan with pleasure just as Joe licked my pussy with a chilled mouth and pushed an ice cube inside me too. My whole body quivered and I sucked Karen’s lips into my mouth completely, pulling on them forcefully as I felt another ice cube enter me, it’s chilling tingle spreading inside. Sucking at the juice and water oozing from her pussy I pulled her lips apart and licked across her clit, my tongue working fast as she bucked into my face; Joe sank his cock inside me with a loud groan, the chill and heat swirling together. Karen came first, her body in waves of spasm as I refused to draw back my attention from her sweet cunt, I didn’t want to stop.

She pulled away from me and I must have looked so disappointed, she kissed me as she crawled under my body, I had to bury my head in the sofa cushions biting down as I felt her breath on my pussy, her tongue on my clit as Joe fucked me so hard I thought I would scream with ecstasy. He started to cum, driving harder, faster, his fingers digging into my flesh and it took me over the edge, I bucked down into Karen’s face feeling her teeth on my clit, my legs turning to jelly, I clenched in orgasm uncontrollably, falling forward onto the sofa for support.

While I caught my breath, I felt Joe at my pussy, licking my cum juices away with delicate swipes of his tongue, moaning in contentment, vibrations of pleasure building inside me again as he licked.

Oh hell it felt so good.

We didn’t make it to the pub…


Saturday 21st June

Dear Diary

I’m sorry. That is the first time I have missed writing to you all year but I was rather busy yesterday, Joe’s friend Karen went home after lunch Thursday and Joe and I fucked all afternoon, oh yes, and all yesterday. I’m a little worn out as you would expect but I rather like living here, the advantages are amazing, yes, I’m smirking can you tell?

Joe has convinced me not to fit the bathroom blind, he likes watching me wank against my suction cup Dildo from his kitchen. Isn’t life wonderful!



©Juliette Turrell

Eroticmoonbeam – July 2011