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People watching, over a strong black coffee in a courtyard cafe,
Such unadulterated pleasure.
Sepia light, soft after rain sunshine reflecting from the still wet cobbles.
Through half closed eyes she observes quietly, those moments as the city awakes.
People move without seeing, caught in self-absorption.
Heavy booted footsteps catch her attention.
Faded denim, low slung to his hips, white shirt, collar open,
Stretched across broad shoulders, sleeves rolled to the elbows.
Dark hair, touched by silver, moves in the breeze;
Dark eyes, captivating, soulful, focused on his thoughts.
With each step his powerful gait is compelling, enthralling.
Her imagination stirs as he strides nearer,
Eyes closing,
Body surges,
Heat flowing,
Her breath a gasp over parted lips, a light blush warming her cheeks
Swift, strong arms embrace her, pulling her tight to his hard chest.
Enflaming her thoughts with a demanding, sensual kiss.
Teeth tug playfully at her lower lip,
Tongue exploring, seeking, arousing.
She shifts in her chair aware of the sudden moisture, spreading warmly.
Her eyes flutter open, images dispersing.
The watcher is being watched, by dark captivated eyes.
A slow, mischievous smile, lifting his lips lasciviously in interest.
She smiles back, inviting attention.

© Juliette Turrell