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That glimmer of sunlight, it catches your breath, skirts swirl, laughter on the breeze.
Breathe in deeply and watch this mirage fade from sight.
She was, you could feel her breath on your cheek.
She was, sense the passion in her fingertips.
So fleeting, and yet the most real thing you’ve ever tasted.

Hold on, hold on to your day dreams…
Hold on to the seeds in the wind…

Listen, closely, hear his whispered moans, her name a sign across his lips, deliciously rousing.
With a swirl of steam, a tip of the hat and a cheeky grin.
He’s gone…
…and there is silence.
Silence filled with longing.
Silence as she falls into the void.

Hold on, hold on to day dreams…
Hold on to the flow of the river…


© Juliette Turrell