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Pushing you down onto the bed, I kiss my way up your chest, your finger slowly slides into my ass, I crawl up your body until my pussy hovers above your face. My scent is enticing. I love watching your eyes widen, lust filled and willing to please.

‘Breathe deeply sweet man. Breathe.’ a low moan escapes your throat and your eyes part close. ‘Stick out your tongue sweetheart, just the tip’

You do as you are requested, I adjust my height above you so you barely touch my lips. Moving slow, hip circles trace your tongue along my crease. I can feel your breath on my most intimate skin and the wetness of your tongue as it caresses gently.  I know you want to take more into your mouth but I’ve not told you that you can.

I lower a little more, my hands supporting me against the wall behind the bed, your tongue sinks into my pussy unable to resist. ‘Suck darling’ I whisper ‘bite me’

You pull on my lips with your teeth, then suck hard on my clit. It feels so good I grind on your face a little harder. Your finger digs into my ass further, rhythmically fucking… ‘Spank me’ I demand… A firm smack fires across my cheek, I buck on your face and you groan, the vibration is exulting…

‘Again!’ I cry. Another sharp sting on the same cheek, your tongue pushing into my clit so hard, I squirm my hips bucking. You squeeze another finger into my back passage and push deep… it’s too much, naughty boy, you knew it would be, my orgasm gushes into your mouth, my sweet juices running across your face.

Easing down, breathless with desire we kiss, sharing my taste from your lips.

‘Now, my gorgeous man, that was well done. So, how would you like me to make you cum?’ I ask.

So, how would you?


© Juliette Turrell