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Possibly more rambling than coherent… We shall see.

I’ve always loved words. I love how they feel on my tongue, their sound as they roll around my mouth, the patterns they make, how they look. I love thinking in words, the structure, sounds and rhythm. (I know, you’re sitting there thinking ‘how do you think if you don’t think in words!’ but people don’t always construct thoughts into sentences, its more nuance and feeling).    Writing for me must be like composing music for others. With some of my pieces I can get so lost in the construction of the picture, pattern, atmosphere and sound that it not until someone comments that they enjoyed the content that I can see quite what I have created.

I’ve always loved English Language as a subject, in the days when ‘subjunctive clauses’ and ‘coordinating conjunctions’ were rarely mentioned. I think that must show blatantly to those in the know, I wonder sometimes if people get frustrated with my lack of skill in that regard. I only wonder, it doesn’t worry me, I write because I desire it and need to occasionally splash words across a page, not to please others with my grammatical wizardry.

I’m not a fan of baffling humanity by using over complicated language patterns, but it isn’t helpful when you think like a dictionary and get high on too many superlatives. My desire to explore any mind that wishes to communicate with me, does on occasion leave me frustrated when I need to simplify my thoughts to make myself understood. But that too, is a skill with language and communication, it can be a very joyous one, as a writer, every mind that crosses my path has interest. I love listening to how people think.

I love seeing how sentences translate into other languages. I have google to thank that I can badly translate my thoughts and see how they look, I’m always thrilled when they look better! During a text conversation some months ago with a Spanish speaking friend of mine, (we alternate between Spanish and English although I know next to no Spanish at all) I used the phrase “a veces es lo único que me salva” Its beautiful, it looks beautiful and even with my terrible accent (I’m so British!) it sounds beautiful… It may be incorrect, google is pretty dire, but hey, it looks wonderful! We were discussing how writing about your feelings can help you come to terms with your life… a soap box for another day maybe? #writeitout.   Tumblr, as always if such a fantastic resource for quotes in a variety of languages, I spend half my time on google translating and then going ‘ahhh… divine!’ Perhaps there is a fetish for a lover of words? I know they sink under my skin like soft strokes of a lovers hand, words of passion, of lust are a danger like no other.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on words….



© Juliette Turrell