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‘Come’ he said, taking my hand and guiding me over a stile in the old stone wall, the wood creaked under my weight, my sight slightly dulled by the misty twilight. I gripped his hand tighter and felt the safety of being with him ripple through my arm to my heart.
‘Come, it’s not far.’ I stepped into his arms and he hugged me briefly, then hand in hand we made our way up the hillside.

The full moon was hiding behind the sheath of light low cloud causing an eerie glow.
‘You know where we’re going?’ I whispered.
‘Trust in me, my angel.’ He soothed, still tugging gently at my hand. ‘Nearly there, look down, mind the chalk lines, you may trip.’
Trusting his guidance I studied where I put my feet, the ground rose fairly steeply to meet them.
‘Look here.’ He pointed at a circle of white pebbles in the grass. ‘I knew it would be foggy tonight so I left a marker.’ He slipped off his rucksack and pulled out a rug, the muted green and blue tartan merged with the grass as he spread it on the ground.
‘This is it, undress, lay down darling…. your head down hill, let gravity guide us.’ I stepped out of my sandals and as I slipped off my dress I watched him scatter some herbs on the ground. ‘Nettles… Old wives tales…’ he chuckled, a glint in his eye ‘but you never know.’ I nodded and lowered myself onto the blanket, wriggled to make a soft dent in the grass beneath me and gazed up at him. The pale light reflected from his skin as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, turning to place it on top of his bag his shoulders flexed in the way I loved to watch, such strength and control.
‘You getting your fix?’ He asked, amusement dripping from his words. His trousers and boxers slipped over his tight rear, he stepped out of them both and threw them onto the rucksack too.
‘I’ll never tire of watching you move.’
‘I know petal, I like to show off for you.’ He towered over me, hands on his hips, prone on the ground as I was he was like a god, naked and yet comfortable in his skin.
‘I love to watch the way your lips form words.’ He grinned, I smiled and blew him a cheeky kiss.
‘Open your legs.’ A crooked almost cruel smirk crossed his face as I did as he bid, he dropped to his knees between my thighs, gripping my hips tightly in his fingers; he bent down and traced his tongue along my labia. I shivered with pleasure.
‘Cold?’ He asked.
‘A little, that’s not why…’ my words faltered in my mouth as his fingers pulled apart my lips, his tongue swept inside me, hungrily feasting, lavish swirls tantalising my clitoris.
‘Mmmm?’ He questioned, his mouth full, vibrations lifting my hips towards his searching lips in an involuntary reaction.
‘My girl is so ready, already…’ his hands gripped my flesh and he pulled me towards him, with one sharp thrust he entered me, pressing into my very core, an animalistic grunt falling from his throat. He kept the pressure held inside me, I could feel the ache spread, sweet pain, caught up with the burn of desire as it flashed its warmth throughout my body.
‘Say the words.’ He demanded, slowly withdrawing.
‘I… am a… spiritual being…’ I started the incantation, my voice quivering with uncertainty. He plunged into me hard and I yelped, catching my breath.
‘Keep going!’ he demanded, fingers tearing at my skin to keep me from sliding down the hill as he withdrew for the next onslaught.
‘A… sssexual being…’ my voice a little surer…
‘Yes, yes you are.’ His voice was strained, he groaned as he thrust into me again…. ‘Say it!’
‘A Loving being…’ I cried, my volume increasing with my passion and need. Thrust…
‘A Forgiving Being…’ Thrust…
‘A Nurturing Being…’ I shouted, screaming at the pressure building inside me.
‘That’s it baby, shout it!’
‘He is in the wind!’ Thrust… I struggled for breath…
‘In the Sea!’ Thrust… my mouth now dry.
‘In the Earth and the FLAMES!’ He fell forward, encircling my shoulders in his arm. His mouth found mine, hungrily biting at my lips, gasping air, I felt his hips rise. My jaw clamped moments from losing control.
‘Please! Hear my request!’ He let go of his restraint, his quickening thrusts driving us down the slope, grass now tearing at my skin. I could feel him tense and knew this was the moment. His teeth sank into my shoulder as he released his seed. Pain spasming in my shoulder muscle, my mind reeling, my body convulsed into orgasm, hips bucking, a primal scream leaving my lungs, ejected into the night air, an offering to the God of fecundity on which we lay.
He held me so tightly, kissing my neck where he had bitten me.
‘Oh, my angel, my girl… he must hear us.’ He whispered.
‘He must.’ I agreed, my hands sweeping across his back, feeling the chill sheen of sweat on his heated skin. We lay, closer than close in the cool night air, embedded in the grass, surrounded by nature, momentarily drifting to sleep, still joined, his seed planted deep within me, hoping our offering would be fruitful after many barren years.


© Juliette Turrell


Image from The National Trust


Its funny how sometimes a word will scream at you from the page and a whole story of pictures and words starts forming, in this case it was an incredible poem A Fiery Tempest by AC Elliott that caused this inspiration.

I’ve only seen the Cerne Abbas giant from afar, hes pretty spectacular and the folk law regarding him has always interested me.

As someone who took a while to ‘catch’ my first pregnancy, I can certainly understand how a couple would go to some lengths to achieve their dreams, this ritual is totally fictional though, it was originally written as a way of explaining to someone how I found my faith and spirituality in Nature…

The word ‘Propitiated’ is such a gift, I do love words!