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I fight the dark,
I fight it,
It can take me,
Any time it wishes,

I choose the light,
And laughter,
And joy.
I choose to love,
With spirit,
And passion.

And yet I long,
To be lost,
In silence.
To find the utopia,
Of feeling,
Not thinking.

I choose the light,
And laughter,
And joy…
But all I see is a door into the dark.

© Juliette Turrell




I was never going to resist a Seamus Heaney prompt…

So, as yesterday, Ray from RayNotBradbury has a lovely enthusiastic blog and kindly pops by occasionally to like my scribblings, she says “Any genre/style is welcome! No boundaries at all! It’s OKAY to bend the rules. Have fun!”  so I thought what the heck, I’ve got an hour or so, find a shady spot and see what happens.

Actually, this one came out first, hey ho…