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Close your eyes,
Close them
And breathe.
Let your mind
Run free.
Hear the sound,
The waves
On the shore.
Smell the sea,
Seaweed and salt.
Tip your face
To the sun
Allow the warmth
To fill you.
Feel it spread
Into your bones.
Let your spirit fly
On the breeze.
Let it lift you
Into the blue.
Be free.

© Juliette Turrell

_________ x ________


So, a bit of a backstory with this old poem from February. This is my go-to mindful de-stressor when life starts making my chest tight. I spend so much time sitting looking at the sea in my head that I can (and did) have a crown fitted at the dentist without really being present at all, visualisation is all practice.

Now, I have a few friends dealing with anxiety at the moment so, although its one of my personal favourites (are we allowed to have favourites of our own stuff?) I thought it would be a good piece for my second audio.

Enjoy xx