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Find me a river, where the soft play of the water sparkles over moss wrapped stones. Where my feet can dangle from the bank in the cool ebb and flow.

Find me a bay, secluded, hidden. Of shells and sea glass. So I can listen in rapture to the kiss of the waves, moving pebbles as they worship the moon’s pull on the shore.

Find me a forest, filled with melodic bird song and swaying hidden flowers secreted in the bright sun lit breaks between the shadows cast from the branches.

Find me a mountain, where the tang of the pine, the chill of the snow, the immense breathless beauty of its longevity make me feel my insignificant soul.

Let me lie on my back so my mind can rise into nature. Watching cotton wool clouds in blue skies. Let the sun caress my skin and the soothing sounds transport me.


© Juliette Turrell