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Like rising from the depth of the ocean, I surface from sleep.
Breathe sucked into my lungs
As if I stopped breathing whilst sleeping.
Morning light, grey and rain laden
Softly creeps through the blinds.
The wind, relentless since yesterday evening,
blusters and howls against the gap in the window.
Drifting on warmth induced slumber
I snuggle my face into my pillow and stretch my limbs.
Images start dancing in my memory.
Dancers performing dramatic movements,
light reflected from a sword as in arcs in the air,
Fabrics swirling, caught in the wind.
Dark, brooding eyes, intense with intelligence.
Hands stretched, arms reaching to hold me.
Melting into his chest, as natural as breathing.
A passion so consuming, a need so demanding.
It draws me like a moth to the flame.
And yet I feel a calm; a peace in the intensity that is my own.
Yes, Pull me into your arms, let me feel your skin against mine,
kiss me until my thoughts desert me,
until all that is left of me is you.
Let’s see where that takes us…


© Juliette Turrell