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A Cautionary Tale

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink… I know, you can’t picture that at all can you? Well, it’s a Belfast style sink with one of those fancy shower/washing attachments which I have had to move out of my way because I don’t want to get my laptop wet… the sink is full of ice and water and it feels SO GooD! Okay, I’ll explain…

I’ve always enjoyed sex shops, I like the elicit feeling of being ‘up to no good’ and I solemnly swear I often am! As a great believer in listening to the little voice in my head, balanced with the little voice in my heart, I know that this little foible is good for my soul. It’s a naughty guilty pleasure that does me good. We all should follow our whims in this respect, our little voices are so often right.

I digress… being a woman of a certain age (insert eye roll here if you please) sometimes during the monthly cycle it can get a little dry in the ‘Lady Garden’. Often it doesn’t take a great deal of time or effort to get my juices flowing but if I’m giving myself a little self love in the tiny amount of free time that I might have, I need a little extra help. On a recent trip to one of the High Street’s more liberal shops, I purchased a three pack of flavoured lubes. They sounded like something I could either enjoy by myself or not, as the case might be. Pineapple with a citrus twang, Strawberry (sickly ugh!) and Mint for that cooling feeling.

Well the pineapple I will save to share with my lover, the Strawberry smelt ghastly so it went straight in the bin and the mint? The mint I thought, will be perfect to use with my beautiful glass toys. They glide across my lips so delicately and a little cooling gel with my chilled glass must be the perfect combination for me, temperature play is a favourite of mine.
It started so well. Chilled glass, liberally lubed and sending me quickly on my way to the happy valley of adrenaline, oxytocin and endorphins… The lube did indeed produce the most incredible ‘cool’ feeling on my plump pussy lips for, oh… all of 3 minutes and then they started to feel hot… in fact to burn! Quickly swelling! Honestly, if I had a pussy lip pump I could not have made such a good job of making them all pink and puffy! Oh but the burn!

So, here I sit in the kitchen sink, literally on ice, several antihistamines later, advising that occasionally it’s wise to be cautious of potions in attractive little bottles that offer promises of bliss….

The “Lunch

Rachel fastened the last clip on her garter belt into place and smoothed her skirt over her thighs, she didn’t go in for short skirts preferring the longer flowing ones but a skirt was the least she could do, he didn’t have enough skirts in his life, the same as she didn’t have enough shirts in hers.

Undressing each other was always such a delight. Undressing in Rachel’s opinion was underrated, it should be viewed with excitement, like parcels at Christmas; after all, she always went to some trouble with her packaging for these lunch dates, skirt, stockings, heels, make up, and like the pretty wrapping paper on those presents; her wrapping often ended up in piles of the floor.

Today was a little unusual, he’d texted her and asked her to meet in his office, she had not been there before and was clueless as to what to expect. She knew this area of the city well, the buildings were old, some fancy architectural era of high ceilings and wrought iron balconies that gave you the impression of grandeur, although most of the interiors where now split into flats or office for different small companies on each floor.

Kate’s interior design business premises was only a few streets away, although she wouldn’t have time to pop in to see Kate today.

Parking in a nearby short stay she bought her ticket for 3 hours, wishing it could be longer but knowing the wish was futile. Rachel walked as fast as her heels and the uneven cobbles in the ancient part of the city would allow, her heart was beating fast in her chest, she was not sure exactly what he had in mind for them today, perhaps it really was lunch, perhaps she would be lunch after all. Smiling to herself at the prospect she turned into the street and searched the house fronts for the right number.

Each of these houses was surrounded by railings, two sets of steps leading off the street level, a small set that led down to their basement levels which usually had a separate ‘kitchen’ entrance and the elegant set leading up to the first floor. The door to his building was a very solid wood affair painted deep blood red with very clean shiny brass work. She climbed the few stairs and paused, calming her mind, considering as she often did the inner narrative of her mind as it assessed what she was doing against the backdrop of her reality. She took a deep breath and carefully punched the top button of the rank of intercoms which displayed his company name. To her surprise a woman’s voice answered.
“Hel-lo!” it was sparkly and cheerful.
“Hello, this is Rachel McAllister.” She hesitated, not really knowing what to add next, did she have an appointment or what exactly… She need not of worried, Miss Cheery at the other end gushed at her “Mrs McAllister! Up the stairs in front of you and right, I shall buzz you in!” and as if on cue a buzz sounded to announce the big heavy door was unlocked, she pushed it open and it swung back with a satisfying stateliness.

Inside the house, the door opened into entrance hallway with the staircase winding around its walls to the next floor, she took these stairs slowly too, not wanting to arrive flustered or flushed although she was eager to see Him. Her breathing gave her away and she checked her reflection briefly at the large mirror she found hanging at the top of the stair well before turning down the corridor and opening the door which led to his offices. The thick carpet and duck egg blue walls gave a certain je ne sais quoi of success to the office, it could have been a Harley Street waiting room or a Barristerial Chamber of great import, Rachel had to admit that she only had the vaguest idea what he actually did for a living, it wasn’t that important to her, she loved his mind yes, his body she craved, but that was it: she didn’t want nor need to be in any other part of his life and she knew he understood that, it was what he wanted too.
Miss Cheery looked up from her desk, she was at least 10 years older than Rachel, immaculately made up, her hair perfect, she made Rachel feel quite insignificant and dowdy, she had a beautiful dark purple tailored suit on and a crisp white shirt, her matching purple beads and earrings Rachel considered a bit much, she looked like she was off to a Royal Garden Party or similar, her name badge attached to her lapel suggested that her name was actually Mrs Renshaw, Rachel thought Miss Cheery made this flawless woman seem a bit more human.
“Hi.” She managed meekly
“Good Afternoon!” was the enthusiastic reply. “He’s on the phone at the moment if you would like to take a seat, I expect he will come and get you when he’s ready, I’ve said you are here. I’m going to have to dash my dear, I’m so glad you were on time. Thank you!” and with that the exuberant Mrs Renshaw picked up her matching purple handbag and set off for the door. “I have to lock this on my way out, it’s only a yale lock though, easy for you to escape!” Amused at her little joke, she departed, the door closing and the lock clicking on impact behind her.

Rachel moved to the window which faced the street and watched the older woman’s progress down the road towards the city. A soft sweeping noise of a heavy door across the thick carpet suggested she was not alone so she wasn’t surprised to feel his arms enfold her gently at first, then firmer, his lips found her neck, softly tracing the contour to her hair line, she sighed and relaxed in his arms.
“It’s good to hold you” he said quietly.
“As it is to be held.” She replied, covering his hands with hers, turning her face to meet his in a passionate kiss. “I’ve missed you.” She sighed. He held her tight, she could not have escaped even if she had chosen to.
“How have you missed me?” he asked
“I’ve missed your touch, I’ve missed your kisses.” He kissed her hard causing her to utter a guttural moan, her groin ignited; she could feel his hardness pushing against the small of her back. He released her and taking her hand led her into his office without a word. He left her standing in the middle of the spacious room as he closed the door firmly behind himself and clicked the lock on that door shut too.
“There is nobody in this afternoon but it doesn’t pay to be careless.” He smiled, leaning back against the door and looking at her, he crossed his arms slowly, she stood stock still, waiting for him to move.
“Put your bag down.” He said softly. She shrugged her bag off her shoulder and swung it into a chair by the wall. Her gaze returned to his steadily and his mouth flickered with amusement. “Take off your dress.” The same soft tone, he had no need to bark orders at her, or to assert is authority through his voice, he knew she would do as he asked without question. She undid the buttons down the front without breaking eye contact and shrugged the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall slowly to her elbows, freeing her arms and easing it over her hips, it fell to the floor. He watched her silently, his eyes steadily on hers, unmoved. The tension in the air between them was thick; if you could taste it it would have had a metallic twang that fizzed on your tongue.
“Go behind my desk,” he broke eye contact to look at the desk, it was the main piece of furniture in the room, arranged in front of the windows so the light fell from behind him. She looked at the desk too, the surface was clear; a laptop bag was resting against the wall indicating his forethought in this situation. She walked around the desk, a quick glance out of the window reassuring her of their height from the street level and standing in front of his sleek black leather chair turned to face him once more. “Bend over my desk.” He instructed, his voice so quiet now she could only just hear it, she lay on the desk top, grateful for the warmth of the antique leather where solid wood would have been cool, bending at the waist, her legs falling down behind the desk, her face pressed left cheek to the leather.
She didn’t hear him walk across the room but she did hear the squeak of the chair as he sat down behind her, she could imagine him looking at her beautifully presented pussy, freshly waxed and black lace clad. Longing for his touch, she could feel she was wet, getting wetter by the second, this anticipation was so sumptuously divine, she didn’t dare move or even wriggle.

Her brain registered his first touch like an electric volt, his fingers ran down the inside of her thigh, a soft silken touch which nevertheless caused her to jump.
“Easy.” He murmured softly, she felt his breath warm through the fabric of her knickers, his face was so close to her flesh she moaned a little. She jolted a little as he snapped the elastic of her suspenders against her thigh and swore in her head as she listened to his chuckle.

His hands traced over the curves of her cheeks, loving caresses, wonderfully worshipful, she clenched her jaw in anticipation and it wasn’t long before she was rewarded with a firm flat spank of his hand which reverberated up her spine, a sigh of relief escaped her mouth, she had no doubt of his ability to deliver what she needed. Pulling her cheeks apart, his fingers biting into her skin, his tongue swirled over the surface of her pussy, she could feel it’s warmth through the gaps in the lace, he tugged roughly at the thong so it slid over her arse, leaving it entangled at her knees and pulled her cheeks apart again, his tongue sinking inside her forcefully, sucking her lips into his mouth and tugging on them with his teeth. Flicking his tongue from her clit all the way along to her ass, rimming her tight hole and loving licking his way back to her clit which he pulled with his teeth causing her to gasp and realise she had actually stopped breathing. He pulled away and she could hear a desk draw open with a rough shudder, then the slippy coolness of his fingers circled her ass, slick with some lube, his finger slipped in her tight hole and she bit her lip, still not moving from the top of his desk, they had talked about this at length, his finger slid slowly in and out of her, it felt different but incredibly arousing, she felt his tongue at her pussy and he eased another finger alongside the first into her ass.
“Mmmm fine dining. You are so wet.” He tongue swirled in circles as he slurped up her juices, his fingers withdrew and she felt a little disappointed until the chill of a metal object started being gently urged into her opening. He slipped it in and out a few times and then left it in place, his fingers now sinking deep inside her pussy, investigating her contours, fucking in and out quickly leaving her panting with need.

A few sharp spanks delivered in quick succession focused her mind and left her desiring more but she didn’t speak. “You look so good in pink.” He crooned in her ear and she opened her eyes to look into his brown ones, he kissed her hard, the taste of her still on his lips, his need for her evident in his lust. Another firm spank to her cheeks and she inadvertently bit his lip, not hard but he gasped and laughed, returning behind her delivered 5 even blows to each cheek and then thrust his cock fast and firm deep inside her so she cried out at the velocity of his penetration arching her back as he pushed her internal walls. As he laid into her he nudged the butt plug with each thrust which caused an interesting sensation, she felt an orgasm start to build and cried out in frustration as he pulled out of her and removed the plug too.
“Easy.” He soothed again “I’ve not finished with you yet.” She heard the draw again, then felt something large being inserted in her vagina, it started vibrating causing her to whisper “oh fuck!” which made him chuckle again, he pushed it as deep as it would go and then gripping her ass cheeks apart her slid his cock into her anal passage with slow careful nudges. Her mouth formed an alarmed O, which face down on the desk he couldn’t see but she said nothing, allowing him to continue to sink inside her and slowly fuck her ass, pushing down on the vibrator until she felt so incredibly full that nothing, no amount of will power or control of thought was going to stop her body convulsing in a mind numbing orgasm which clenched him so tightly he grunted, swearing under his breath and thrust faster into her as she came, his own explosion accompanied by his cry of release. He pulled away from her, his voice slightly strained saying
“Stay where you are.” She didn’t move as he slipped the vibe out of her cunt, she heard the chair creak behind her, then she felt him licking her, every softly folded crevice of skin, around her clit and pussy, her ass, until he was happy she was clean, then he pulled he off his desk and onto his lap where she snuggled against his chest and listened to him tell her how fabulous she was, interspersed with soft kisses and his refusal to let her tell him the truth, that it was he who was fabulous, so she just whispered “Thank you.” And lost herself in his kisses.

To be continued…

© Juliette Turrell