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The car drew up exactly 10 minutes late; Michael had sent a text to say he was running late. The horn sounded and Jess rolled her eyes, yes, yes, impatient man, it wasn’t her fault they were running late. She grabbed her handbag and the overnight bag, picked up her shoes to put on in the car and flew out the house, door slamming behind her.

Michael watched her run down the stairs, the fabric of her light skirts swirling in the breeze she created, a flash of tanned thigh made him smile. The boot opened, her bag was thrown in, he considered he probably should have got out to help her but she’d have only have rolled those mischievous eyes at him.

Jess slipped into the passenger seat and turned the full force of her smile on Michael, he chuckled ‘How are you?’ he asked with a crooked smile,
‘I’m good.’ She replied and slipped her hand across his face, pulling him towards her for a kiss. ‘I missed you.’ She traced her lips across his, he smiled wolfishly and pulled her lower lip between his teeth. The car engine roared and they sped away.

‘We need to try and make up time.’ He said, his concentration on the traffic.
‘Michael you drive like a man possessed already. There is plenty of time Baby.’
His forehead creased as if with the weight of the world on his shoulders and she longed to ease his mind. She glanced out of the window as the mountains receded to foot hills and thought, and smiled.

‘Tell me what you are thinking my minx?’ He glanced sideways at her, air con was blowing her hair across her face, her mouth was twitching with a sly smile, the way it did when her thoughts went wild.
‘I’m thinking my darling that you need to relax a little.’ Her eyes pulled away from the window and met his, her lustful intensions so loudly reflected in them he felt his penis twitch and start to harden.
‘So blow me.’ He grinned.

Jess turned in her seat, her back nestling half on the door, she placed her bare foot on the dash and let the fabric of her dress fall down her thigh, exposing her labia lips that were already glistening with moisture, summer dress, no knickers. Michael glanced over and growled deep in his throat, he checked the road and dropped their speed a little.

She dropped her hand between her legs, French polished fingers deftly spreading her lips and sighed as she pushed them inside her.
‘I’m so warm’ she whispered, ‘I want you to be on no doubt how wet you make me.’ Pulling out her soaked fingers she reached forward, pushing them gently into Michael’s mouth. His tongue flicked out to wind around her fingers and he drew them into his mouth, his tongue circling her soft pads.

Jess dropped her foot from the dash as her hands reached for Michael’s belt.
‘Now you can taste me as I suck you.’ She murmured, slipping her hands under his shorts, gently easing out his fully erect penis she licked his shaft from root to tip, her fingers sunk under his balls to cup and caress them. A deep moan escaped Michael’s lips.
‘Watch the road darling.’

Her tongue licked playfully around his exposed glans, lick, suck, a light blow of breathe across the wetness, she teased his balls as he wriggled in his seat, his penis sunk deeper into her mouth, pushing at the back of her throat. Jess stepped up her assault, gripping his shaft as she sucked, massaging, a slight twist in the stroke. Humming as Michael attempted to thrust up from his seat.
The car shuddered to a halt in a lay-by.

Jess listened to Michael’s ragged breathing, his balls tighten in her hand and she squeezed them, giving a little laugh.
‘Ohhh… baby,’ he moaned, his hands gripped her head, wove into her hair, guiding his urgency, driving faster into bliss, increasing momentum. Her teeth grazed his glans as her grip tightened on his balls and Michael yelled her name as he erupted into her throat.

Jess gave a little mew of satisfaction and licked all the escaped cum from his shaft, soothing his sensitive glans with her tongue. His hands still wrapped in her hair, Michael drew her lips to his for a breathless kiss.
She sunk back in her chair, a satisfied smile on her face, the cat that got the cream.

Once more, she placed her bare foot on the dash, arranged her skirts around her thighs exposing her now creamy and oozing labia.
‘Drive darling’ she teased ‘we are late… you can watch me play while you drive.’ Her fingers descended once more between her folds as her head fell back against the window, she sighed with pleasure as she played.

© Juliette Turrell