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Let me make you a coffee, my love.

To stir you, awaken your senses.

The morning light is harsh today,

The rain pelting, rhythmically on the window pane.

I want you here with me,

Wrapped in the duvet,

Snuggling against the chilled air.

Sipping coffee, sharing words of fantasy.

Put down your cup, run your chilled fingers down my silken inner thigh.

I’ll pull you close to me, closer still.

Kiss you more awake than the coffee ever could.

Wrapped in my arms, soft slumbering caresses.

Tactile teasing.

Slowing sinking into my velvet embrace.

Listen to the words I’m not saying, feel my need for you, my hunger.

Primal urge, passions overture, thrusting deeper. Sweet release.

And stay.

Stay with your head against my chest.

Just stay.

I’ll make you a coffee, my love.

© Juliette Turrell