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As I felt the leather urged between my teeth, I sent him a questioning look.

‘Bite down, you may feel the need.’ He soothed, picking up the silk swathe that would blindfold me. My arms involuntarily pulled at the ties that fastened my wrists to the headboard, my legs flexed against their ties too. The night air had a chill that danced patterns over my skin, his fingers traced the goosebumps across my thigh.

‘If it gets too much, knock. Show me.’ He instructed. I knocked both sets of knuckles against the wood. ‘Good girl.’

He tied the blindfold around my eyes, his lips tracing my jaw and kissing my neck. His hands dropped to my breasts, squeezing them to the point of discomfort, my breath sucked past the leather between my teeth. He pinched both nipples and pulled on them hard. I groaned deep in my throat, he twisted them pinching harder, prolonging the sensation, my hips flexed as my groin tightened. He let them go, sensation return with a rush and a squeal.

His amused chuckle filled my ears.

‘So responsive, this is going to be such fun… Let the games begin.’

© Juliette Turrell



A little flash fiction fun, or “Where my mind went” when I read the word ‘Knock’ for RaynotBradburys #challenge… *innocent face*