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Rachel’s Fantasy

After the initial surprise I lost myself in the sensation; in the dim candle light it was easier to relax and just enjoy. Their hands were firm and confident, stroking my skin as I stood between them. I felt lips at my neck, softly caressing. Lips on my nipples teasing gently, hands held my bottom and cupped my mons. I’d always dreamed of being with two men, being the centre of their attention, being worshiped: but my concerns over who that would be and how I would be treated always overshadowed the fantasy. With these two, my friends, I had no fear. With no word to each other they moved me onto the bed and lay me down on my front.

He’d really thought this through, my gorgeous lover. I wondered how long they had spent plotting this evening together. In the year that I have known him I have always credited him with the ability to listen and understand what I say about my fears and vulnerability, my desires, what is real, what is just muse and how I think. We talk about sex so much, I know he doesn’t always understand my perspective but he does ‘get’ me. Along with hours of conversation about being made love to by two men, sensual massage was my next favourite subject. I have, like so many women, wanted to be admired, worshiped and adored. As I lay on the bed, hands massaging my limbs, easing my muscles and letting my mind soar free, my thoughts were often of how lucky I was. This was fabulous, what woman wouldn’t love this. Strong hands were working up my calves, massaging my thighs, moving my legs open gently. When they reached the top of my legs they brushed my labia lips in passing causing me to whimper a little but he carried on massaging. My neck and shoulders were being eased, think strong fingers pulling at my shoulders, soothing my neck; I opened my eyes momentarily and found a large, thick erect cock half an inch from my face. I’ve never been a passive lover and was unable to resist stretching my neck towards it and licking his purple head. I swear there was a brief hesitation, then he obligingly moved a little closer so I could fill my mouth with his delicious cock and lap his shaft, sucking gently on his balls.

As if taking a cue, I felt my thighs eased wider apart and hands lifting my pelvis, raising me up onto my knees, a warm tongue slipped along the length of my lips, probing, pushing, sucking. I moaned loudly onto the cock deep inside my mouth, now moving rhythmically along my tongue, softly fucking my mouth and was rewarded with a gasp from above my head, the vibration obviously felt good probably as good as the tongue lashing I was receiving. Suddenly, they both moved but oh so smoothly, four hands always on my body, smoothing, tweaking, caressing. I felt fingers sink inside me and gasped as I was manoeuvred over a body and a different cock was eased into my mouth. I knew this cock well, I adored it, no other had ever felt so good in my mouth. His shape fitted perfectly and was just the right size to enjoy comfortably. I could feel his tongue on my clit, sucking, teasing with his teeth. He knew what I loved as I knew what he loved, slipping my hand under his buttocks, I wet my fingers and massaged his ass as I slipped his glans around my mouth. He loved the brief friction of my teeth as they grazed past like so few other men, I could feel him tense slightly against my fingers, urging me on, so I eased them inside him just a little.
Feeling something nudge against my labia begging for entry, I tipped my hips as a cock slipped gracefully inside me. A tongue swirled against my clit and I could imagine my lover watching his friend slowly fuck me. A squeezing pulse of desire gripped my body, burning at the thought of how that must look. I slid his shaft greedily in an out of my mouth, gripping with my vaginal muscles and they both moaned at the same time. Carefully increasing in speed, my friend was thrusting faster; penetrating deeper, his breathing heavier.

Opening my eyes I could see the free standing mirror had been moved reflecting everything going on. Dimly silhouetted in the light, the candles soft flickering was picking out our curves and movements, the shadows expressing the contours of our bodies, so beautiful and fluid to watch. Stroking his penis, I turned to see my lover massaging his friend’s balls, whilst feasting on the juices running from my pussy. His friend gripped my hips, his face taught with concentration. Visually erotic, it was too much, I convulsed in orgasm crying out in pleasure, once more taking my lovers cock into the back of my throat, my fingers probing his ass firmly, clenching tightly around both cocks, my lovers hot semen gushed against the back of my throat. Tight fingers gripping my hips as the third orgasm exploded into my depths. Collapsing into a hot sweaty mass of limbs on the bed we panted, catching our breath, grinning at each other, recovering, caressing, kissing. Slowly we started again.

To be continued…

© Juliette Turrell