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Let me lie you down…

Knees bent over the side of the bed, prop up on your arms so you can raise your head, I want you to watch.

I’ll gently push your knees apart and kneel down between your legs, my hands massaging your thighs, thumbs circling into your muscle, fingers gripping. Watch my fingers make their journey across your skin, see the mischief dance in my eyes: mischief, desire, need and power, I may be on my knees at your feet but the power is all mine and you know it.

Twitch that hard cock at me darling, let me see him move, how eager he is. Keep your hands at your side, watch me enjoy you. I’ll lick your shaft, underneath from the base up so you can see my eyes appear, hungrily assessing you as my tongue circles across the tip of your cock. Long, drawn out exploration of your beautiful shape, I want to remember how he feels in my mouth, I know you’re impatience for more but this is my time and I shall have you here where I want you, for as long as I need, to worship you. Be still.

You’re wet now, so I shall blow cool air across the moisture, can you feel that?

And then I’ll suck you in deep, swirling my tongue as I thrust you into my mouth. I love to hear that gasp, the whispered swear words you utter as ecstasy escapes on your breath. Wet heat engulfs your mind as my mouth works your head. My hand is wrapped around your shaft, stroking him with a little twist, saliva helping my movement, feeling your hips try to pulse into me. My hand cups your balls, massaging, squeezing, pulling a little. A finger slips behind your balls and teases the opening to your anus, just teasing the ring of sensitive nerves as my mouth and hand keep on caressing you. Your head falls back with a moan and I chuckle, throaty pulses sending sensation across your glans. Swearing a little louder now darling? Good…

Pushing a little further, my finger inside you now, pumping, finding a rhythm. Fingering your channel as you thrust up into my mouth. Yes, darling, now, now you can hold my head, wrap your fingers in my hair.

And just when your breathing hitches and I can feel your ball sack tighten, I’ll thrust that finger deeper on to your prostate and graze my teeth across that full cock head and you’ll explode, yelling my name, ribbons of cum falling deep into my throat.

Then, then I will hold you, softly in my arms, kissing your hair as you catch your breath.

© Juliette Turrell