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Finding new patterns and discovering new ways to breath and feel life flood back in, finding joy in the simple things. Cooler breezes; still hints of warmth, autumn sun on my face. Coffee in the garden, bird song, cat cuddles. Breathing the air, finding conkers on the ground. Feeling the earth run through my fingers. Dead heading the geraniums, their smell pungent, slightly cloying on my skin.


kicking leaves up so they cascade in torrents around my body, crackling their withered skin so it crumbles to the earth. Snuggling in jumpers, pulling boot laces tight over thick socks. Leaning into the wind as it whips my hair across my mouth, catching my breath, leaving me gasping, laughing in its power. Making apple pies with the neighbours fallers.

Samhain candles burning with thanks for all those who have touched my life, those passed and those present.


comes in with sparklers and gifts. Fireworks and bonfires, historical effigies burning as we remember. Jacket potatoes with gorgeous gloop on top. Hot dogs and laughter around the fire. Puddles for splashing, welly booted walks as the trees thin. Preparing gifts, many hand made with thoughts of love.


brings magic, Christmas markets, mulled wine. Hot chocolate laced with Baileys, coffee too! Mince pies and cheer, friendly banter at gatherings. Popcorn on strings. Filling shoeboxes with interesting gifts for orphaned children in far flung places – I have more fun than I should with that, but the thought of their faces as they discover each package fills me with joy.

…the tree festival, the music everywhere! Choirs, brass bands, the shake of the collection cup. Yule logs for burning and wishes for the new year.


my hibernation month, snuggled up reading mountains of books. Catching up with indoor things. Crafting, planning, creating.


Snow! How I wish for snow… catching snowflakes on my tongue, building snow men. Just standing in the snow laden woods, the smell of the pine, snow laden bows. Listening to the silence of the world and breathing the iced air… just listening, breathing, still.

Trying (and failing mostly) to think forward for springs arrival, to be ready and tidy.

March winds,

feel your soul being woken by spring, seeing the peek of the snow drops, the crocuses break through the earth. Eostar,give thanks for new birth. Watch the world wake and have new life breathed into her. Start to immerse yourself once more in the outdoor life, laughing on bike rides, drinking coffee barefoot, toes scrunching in the cold early morning dew. Brisk beach walks, shell finding, looking for fossils and sea glass. Hurrying home for hot soup and a break from the wind and rain.


well hopefully April may bring a trip to old friends, with much laughter and wine. Old chateau’s to explore. An ancient city where my heart feels at home. Street markets, bustle, noise, people watching!! Beltane, enjoy the garden, the life in the forest exploding.

May, June and July

filled with beach treasure searching! Bluebells in woodland. Dappled sun through the trees. Stately homes and gardens to explore. Kayaking on inland rivers. The barbecue season of gatherings in gardens, longest night.

August is chaos,

filled with movement and bustle, ice creams, surf, early morning walks on the sand watching the sun rise. Trips to the city, more coffee: more people watching, yep see the pattern here? Reorganising life for the new start in September.

But so busy… so draining, but such fun.

You have to find fun in the simple, the normal, the everyday. Because you have to do that shit anyway, so enjoy it.

… and writing. I had a lot of fun writing this. Each to their own eh?


Foot note: Cross posting again! Apologies to those that have read this on the other site but I enjoyed stretching my brain with it so it’s here too…