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I need to be wrapped in you.
Sitting in the haven of your embrace.
To feel my back pressed against your chest,
arms tightening around me,
head tipped back against your shoulder,
lips kissing my exposed neck.
The heat of you everywhere,
holding me, surrounding me, reassuring me.
Implicit trust in your strength and reverence.
Softly words trip from your tongue,
silver spoken, heartfelt.
‘So beautiful: All of you.’
Hands stroke my silken skin,
nepenthean touches soothing unseen aches,
eliciting low moans that you beg me to release.
‘So perfect, baby,
let me hear you. That’s my girl.’
A scintilla of desolation eases from my soul,
to be smoothed away, kissed away.
‘That’s right, melt into me darlin’,
Let me love you…’
Your concupiscent touch carries me to nirvana,
cobweb fine threads unfurl,
I soften, I thaw, I breathe you inside my stagnant lungs.

©️ Juliette Turrell