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We never have enough time do we…

Life has kicked up a gear in my little corner of the blue and green planet. I thought it might calm down a little after school re started, but no. It’s busier than ever. Of course I have a new baby to care for too.

But it still seems like the world has chosen just now, to throw down the gauntlet and keep me so busy my brain can’t process the thoughts and find the quiet I need to write. I’m smiling a lot regardless of this, so it’s just a life time thing and a wave I need to ride. Just one of those times.

I have had cause recently to spend far too much time considering the people who’s lives we touch and who touch ours and the transient nature of some relationships. I think I find it easier to accept now that although people cross our paths for a reason, they don’t always stay. Letting people go has always been tough for me, I’m learning, I don’t like it still, but I am learning.

The reasons for touching peoples lives are not always my lessons to learn and I have to hope that people leave me richer for having known me. That is something we never know, I just need to be happy with the thought, wish them well and let them go.

Perhaps that’s why life has got so crazy, I have less time to overthink, less time to be saddened but more time to see how richly layered my life is and be grateful for that.

One thing I do now understand can be summed up by this quote from Elif Shafak

Stop running after the waves. Let the sea come to you.

…and so I shall. Perhaps that’s just what I needed to learn.