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Sometimes when you sit back at the end of the year you feel contented that a good year has passed, it’s a great feeling and one that I truly wish all my friends are experiencing.

For me however this year has had mixed blessings, the highs have been incredible and the lows have been soul destroying. Like any experiences worth living I can honestly say I have learned a great deal. I’m no spring chicken and I’ve lived through many highs and lows in my life, so to reflect on this year as having lived through a learning curve feels like an achievement in itself.

Would I change any of it? Yes, some if I had the chance but then maybe I needed to live it just as it happened. As with many of the things that happen to us, things occurred that were not our choice and learning to deal with the mess others make and move on is not always easy.

Pain is never lost on a poet; but I’m more poetical when I’m happy and inspired so I’m working on that. I’m a lucky lady to have such special friends whom I love and who lift me up daily and an incredible family who drive me insane but I love them. I am loved, I am so lucky and I cherish this.

I’m still wearing my invisible crown with all its dents and tarnish, its unique, like me, and it still sparkles.

So now we move on into 2019, older and a little wiser, hopefully putting some experiences behind us and looking forward to new adventures. It’s not always easy to do I know, but life needs to be lived and if you can’t change something it needs to be accepted and left in the past.

So, WordPress friends, past, present and future , I wish you a happy, soul deep contentment for 2019 and may your successes bring you rewards that money can’t buy, may you breathe fresh air, see beauty in the simple things and feel that you are loved.

Juliette x