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Agh… my brain is a mess!

Sorry… I need to get this out or life will not be able to continue. (With my day; Insert over dramatic eyeroll here.)

My ‘creative flow’ has been a right bloody hodgepodge of itty-bitty rambles over several forums of late. I touched on this last year in another ‘rambling thoughts’ post. In the past I’ve put the more constructed pieces here and allowed my ‘brain dump writing’ to get lost in the rush that is tumblr. For a while though I’ve had an itch under my skin that this isn’t right for me, or even for my dear WordPress readers (both of you! Chuckles) I think there are only 2 or 3 people who read me on tumblr anyway.

So, dear peoples in this internet space here, would you like me to post my introspective brain dumping on WordPress?

Often, it involves following a prompt from another tumblr but she’s rather good at picking subjects that get my juices flowing and appeal to my introspective self deprecating humour! It’s a little different to my usual ‘slushy rubbish’ I post here I’ll grant you: when I have posted some of these ramblings here they have been fairly well received.

So, at a risk of no one even replying to this post… *crosses fingers you do* shall I go for it? Do you want to read my brain rambles?

Tell me the truth!