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He sat quietly on the stairs, his head resting on the banister, arms placed on his knees, hands clasped loosely, following her graceful movement with his eyes.

She tugged her t’shirt over her head and let it join the sweater on the floor.

Keeping her arms raised she gathered her dark tresses between her fingers, swung her hips in a half pirouette to face him. The dark lace of her bra a darker shadow on her back-lit silhouette. As warmth of the firelight warmed his skin, his expression was lustful, an appreciative smile reaching his eyes.

Her body gyrated and swung smoothly to an enticing rhythm only they could hear, she blew him a kiss; his salacious siren, knowingly enticing him into her arms.

She shimmied her skirt from her hips, her breasts falling through the strip of moonlight: it emphasised the voluptuous bounce as she danced.

Straightening, she playfully twanged the elastic of her garter belt, more black lace stretched low around her hips holding her fine silk stockings in place, but no panties. Another twist, another wiggle, his fingers flexed subconscious but he didn’t reach for her. She feigned a pout over her shoulder, lithely twirled to face him and then swung her hips as if a band had played ‘ba-boom tish!’ She raised an arm and swung the missing panties around her fingers.

‘I have a gift for you, sexy man.’ She cooed with a low chuckle, swaying towards him, flourishing the panties just under his nose. He inhaled her delicate aroma and growled involuntarily.

To be continued…

©️ Juliette Turrell