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I’ve always thought it an oversight that there are not as many words in English for love as there are Inuit/Yupik/Aleut words for snow. I love snow so that’s not the huge leap in comparison that it might seem.

We are stuck with ‘Love’ to encompass a huge amass of emotion, a quagmire of unknowns. There are some loves you know you feel without question, to love your child, your family, your friends, your job, to love autumn, the sea, certain foods, items of clothing: All so vastly different and yet one adjective. It’s not enough.

Also, being ‘in love’ changes with the factors of life… often time will be an issue ‘I loved her still, although we were not in love.’ It’s so variable.

When most people think of being ‘in love’ though, it’s that all consuming, mind numbing state of excitement, longing and hunger for an individual who sets your world on fire. Life divides to shadows and light; shadows when you can’t be with or in contact with them, the light of a thousand stars when you are.

You long for those moments when you can be together, the intimacy of having that amazing person in your orbit. The world is more colourful, more positive. You find yourself smiling for little reason, you feel lighter like air is cushioning your feet. Excitement builds as you learn and discover each other, finding sources of togetherness, you can’t wait for that next moment….

…sadly often short lived.

I have felt that enduring, all encompassing love and I’m grateful.

It truly is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, my opinion for what it’s worth but that will be my poetic soul.

And I have a lot of love in my life, of many different types.

And I have lost love, I may survive yet.

©️ Juliette Turrell

September 2018