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If you’ve ever loved me,
Don’t tell me today.
Catch snowflakes on your tongue,
Admire my glistening eyes,
Snowflakes on my lashes.

If you’ve ever needed me,
Don’t tell me today.
Breathe with me in March winds
Push the hair from my face
And kiss me breathless.

If you’ve ever longed for me,
Don’t tell me today.
Bring me daffodils and tulips,
Take my hand, wander
Through awakening meadows.

If you’ve longed for my touch,
Don’t tell me today.
Run wild with me through the trees
Lay me down on the bluebells,
Love me under the canopy.

If you’ve ever wanted my embrace,
Don’t tell me today.
Walk with me on the sea shore,
Play joyfully in the waves
Hold me in deep water.

If you’ve ever cared for me,
Don’t tell me today.
Take me to the mountains
Let’s make love by a brook,
My fingers in the ripples.

If you’ve ever desired me,
Don’t tell me today.
Stoke up the fire
Let me love you on the rug.
Flames igniting passion.

If you’ve ever loved me at all.
Don’t tell me today.
Let me know it,
Make me feel it,
Every day…


© Juliette Turrell