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I don’t have many ‘obsessions’ but I can get a bit obsessive: especially when I don’t understand peoples reactions. ‘Why on earth did you do that?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ And ‘help me understand why?’ Are the favourites…

I like to understand, to be left floundering in any situation wondering why or how is profound cruelty on me.

I hope I have a broad spectrum of being able to understand things from other peoples perspectives, even giving them that benefit when often they don’t deserve it… I hope, I really hope. So being left in silence, really failing in my ability to grasp a concept that I need to understand, yeah that’s cruel.

I do have several obsessive compulsive elements, not things that are extreme enough to label a ‘disorder’ but certainly things that make my skin itch when they are not ‘right’… daft things…

Shall I share?

Why not…

I can’t stand to eat with cutlery that doesn’t match.

I can’t sleep in bedding that doesn’t match either… the top pillow case needs to match the quilt cover and the bottom sheet needs to match the bottom pillow case. The two sections don’t necessarily have to ‘go’ with each other… go figure!

Lastly, I can’t stand it when people gouge holes out of a pat of butter.

Those are the main ones, there are other lesser ones. As I’m aware of them I can make them ‘not bother me as much’: crazy lady.

I often think of obsession as being something addictive and I don’t think I have any addictions… except maybe endorphins 😉