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We stand on the brink of another long summer break… well, the kids do, the rest of us muddle along around work. They have been in different schools this year and it’s been rather hectic for mum’s taxi service to keep up with the demand but thankfully that will be over at the end of today… One school from September and (theoretically) its walkable.

As they broke up at different times my daughter and I decided to have a girlie wander around Lytes Cary Manor in Somerset, it’s beautiful…

It was a much needed escape at the end of what has been a really busy, complex and transitional period.

I feel I need to draw a line in the sand and say “This is enough.” As we all move forward in September I’m aware that I need more mindful space for myself, I miss this writery thing, I miss the calm headspace I need to occupy in order for it to happen. I have no idea how I’m going to achieve this as the world is just mad right now and I’m probably going to have to find more work so we can survive.

I always thought the path would become clearer as life progressed but of course it doesn’t, it just changes and with it the challenges change too…

Adulting is overrated but life still holds serene beauty, seek that out adventurer, look for the sparks that light the dark, keep seeking….

©️Juliette Turrell