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Dunstanburgh Castle is on the Northumberland coast between Seahouses and Craster. It’s quite stunning and atmospheric. I’ve linked the name to the English heritage site which has far more information on it then I remember.

I remember the wind, the gorse with its sun cream smell and the sheep running loose. I remember the ‘pill box’ world war relics my son was fascinated by. The course wirey grasses that made the wind swish through them. The drift wood and the sepia tones on the beach.

I remember thinking that I should take one sense at a time, to feel the sun’s warmth and the winds blast, to smell the gorse, the sea and the beach. To taste the salt tinged air, touch the rough aged stone. It was a sensory overload. So I’m afraid the history escapes me…

As I sit and remember now, I have to smile because I was truly in that moment on that day.

©️ Juliette Turrell