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Eek, haven’t been here for a while and the whole blogging process looks different. Another WTF moment to add to soooo many right now!

Life is just one long WTF isn’t it… I can’t think how many times a day I am muttering to myself WTF. I’m hearing it everywhere too, we are all WTF’ing. I mean, seriously, bat shit crazy (literally it seems) WTF??

Happy to have that off my chest *raucous laughter ensues*

So, I haven’t been here sharing my thoughts since January. I’ve read a bit and commented on a few of my favourite bloggers wonderful posts but mostly my focus has been on my home, his hubsterness, the little darlings and the school situation, the liability puppy, the Mogs, the work situation, just so much etc etc… so forgive me please, those of you that do keep popping back in and reading my drivel, I see the likes, they make me smile so much. Thank you.

As an introvert with an occasional ability to almost extrovert (especially if wine is involved) the thought of staying home is paradise to me. Coming to terms with not worrying about things I can’t control isn’t always easy, I worry, it’s kinda one of my things. However it seems when faced with a global pandemic I’m very able to focus those worries on the issues that are within my control, which is ironically one less thing to worry about. Stage one: Approaching the day when Boris finally said ‘stay at home’ I was in control, prepared but not panic buying, had the usual amount of toilet paper and less alcohol than normal. And was getting a little impatient! My work continued although my boss and most of my co workers went into self isolation, two of us ended up carrying the bag and I just wanted it to stop. Financial implications aside, having to continue to deal with the public when everyone else was stopping already made me feel rather vulnerable! It didn’t go on long though. The schools shut 2 weeks ago here and Work ended just over 10 days ago. Onto stage two.

I had an illusion when the idea of a lock down was first mentioned. It was a vision of peace, long days of pottering at home getting all the things I’ve never had time for, done. Reading that pile of books, tidying that heap of stuff, mucking out the kids rooms. Gardening. Crochet. Silver work. Yeah, nope! How silly of me. WTF was I thinking?

I read a lot of social media and it seems to me that people are dividing into groups. There’s the “we are all bored at home” group that keep posting memes and quizzes “While we are all bored at home…” Wtf?

Then the busy ones but they have large gardens and post about lazing by the pool or the sea where they live, the glorious woodlands outside their door. I’m not jealous (not usually but I am now *giggles*)

Then there’s the group that’s run ragged in home life with so much going on in our little houses all at once. The perpetual jugglers – that’s me…

His royal hubster is not a sit about and wait for the world to end kind of man. He’s a let’s get this shit done kind of guy and (un) fortunately he is able to do most things himself in a house maintenance capacity. He has a long list of jobs which he created himself (yes, stop looking at me like that, I’m not that type of wife) which have been waiting for the time and the weather to get done. Sadly, that generally involves everyone else in the house being involved too. The first job was decorating one of the bedrooms in which I assisted dutifully. Since the weather has been great though, he’s re-felting the roof. It’s mucky, bloody noisy and at height. I can do one of those three, the other two I struggle with. So he’s on his own with the kids helping. It’s slow going, I feel guilty, I make tea and bacon sandwiches, do the bits at ground or loft level I can, it’s still far too hands on though.

Anyway, this was supposed to be an amusing semi-rant not a list of complaints… I’m not complaining, soon the roof won’t leak anymore, hopefully I can persuade him to have some down time between DIY, if only long enough to tidy up before moving on.

On the very bright side, we are safe, we are home, we are well and I know many people who aren’t. 2020… WTF?!

Love to you all!