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I think they‘d say it was a siren call?

A glimpse of pleasure,


A mere possibility.

A connection perhaps, of sorts.

I’m not sure what it was.

It had potential to be something.




Well maybe not debauched…

A flash of something different?




Certainly erotic….

There more than one way to skin a cat.

Possibilities of a new approach?

A feeling just beyond my fingertips.

The stroke of a thought across your skin.

A perception of an embrace.

A new shiny thing!

That same old shite was never going to capture me.

Enraptured me.

Like a dare in a risky moonlight meeting.

Laughing, running, seizing the moment.

Such is life you say.

Such indeed, is life.

But was it what I needed?

In that moment that has since past?

Did you care about what I needed?

Were you listening? Did you hear?

It had great potential to shine.

We had great potential to soar!

Maybe all I needed was a little patience.

Yours and mine.

A little time.

©️Juliette Turrell