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Hello! Thought I’d drop in and chat a little for anyone who’s out there and interested. I hope in these interesting times I find you as well and happy as you are able to be! Life has been a little engrossing of late but I have thought of my ‘wordpress people’ off and on and wondered how you were fairing.

Well, it’s July. School is out and wasn’t homeschooling a rollercoaster of sheer delight, peace and harmony! (For those of you that miss sarcasm in text form, no matter how blatant, no it was not.)

England always seems the last to finish school for the Northern Hemisphere summer, mid July is early here too, some schools finish next week. At last though, we are done until September.

Things are changing to the new normal in Blighty but I for one am in no rush to get back out into the world. We have booked a week away in our self contained unit on wheels (caravan) and preparation for that excursion begins today. Otherwise, life trundles on.

I’m relishing this new, smaller, quieter life. As one of nature’s introverts being less peopley has its advantages! I do miss being able to sit in a coffee shop in the city and just watch life unfolding around me, yeah, big time. Otherwise, it’s all good.

I started a container garden back in March, the weather has been beautiful off and on and the garden offers a little bit of solace and routine. It’s going well! The peas were a bit naff but I had to put up with what seeds I could get and they were not so great. I also have a mysterious triffid that was labelled “Courgette” (zucchini) but looks more pumpkin or melon. Yet apart from the containers being at tail wag height, they are flourishing.

My favourite plant has been the aubergine, (egg plant to those of you stateside.) I’m really chuffed with how it’s doing. Also for the legitimate use of 🍆 on social media, which has made me laugh on many occasions!

I slacked off on homeschool last week and spent more time on my own, thinking about life, people, feelings, writing, hope, love, betrayal: all my usual themes abounded. The result being a few spirals of words are twisting together. (Usual disclaimer of being a writer of fiction applies.)

Naturally I’m hoping this is the start of being able to enjoy writing again, unfortunately I’ve said that so many times over the years only to find I dry up in days or when something else demands my attention. C’est la vie… We shall see…

My brain is calling for another coffee…

Love to you all and be safe wherever you are!

J. xx