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“I can’t deal with this heat, love.” Her words no more than a lethargic sigh. She lay naked across the scattered sheets, the sunlight bright in stark lines across her skin as it pushed though the blinds; The breeze from the fan pulling her nipples into taut peaks.
“I can help if you like?” he chuckled, fingers swirling through the iced water as he crossed the room. Her eye flew open as he flicked droplets from his fingertips across her curvaceous torso. She smiled, that slightly crocked flirtatious smirk.
“Bring it on” just a hint of a challenge in her tone.

“This iced water.” he crooned, words melodic in his deep brogue.”Has travelled so far and seen many things.” droplets seeped from his fingers, delicately falling on her neck, pattering her collarbone, painting her chest. She exhaled softly, then drawing in a deep breath he watched her body relax as her eyelids fluttered closed.
“Aye, trust me…”
He slipped an ice cube between her slightly open lips and let her suckle his fingers a moment. He bent and kissed the cold away, stirring her passionate response.

“This iced water.” he continued, taking another ice cube, carefully lowering it to her right nipple and circling the little bud. “Fell from the sky, joined a great glacier as it cut though the mountains.” the ice swirled wider around her breast, rivulets making shiny trails across her skin. Another ice cube found her left nipple, trickles of chilled water, lavishing, cooling, caressing as they fell.

“This ice water, as bright and sparkling as your mischievous eyes, played in a burn, rippled in the sunlight…” with an ice cube in his mouth he seized a nipple between his lips and tugged as she murmured with contentment, writhing a little to the sensations as he laved his tongue, then ice, then his tongue against her sensitive peak. “The burn passed through forest and glens, flowed ever down through craggy trails, over rocks and pebbles alike.” She giggled as two ice cubes dropped between her breasts and slid down her stomach to pool at her belly button. “Don’t let them spill now” he warned, taking her lips in another licentious kiss. The ice melt surged as her back arched, rolling over her hips, soaking into the sheets below.

He parted her legs, running an ice cube along each inner thigh, she quivered, groaning in anticipation, as he teasingly missed her aching centre both times.
“This iced water has been so patient bonnie lassie and so must you, no, don’t you roll your eyes at me!” he laughed “This iced water has travelled so far and seen so many beautiful things… shall we show it some more?”

©️Juliette Turrell

Image by KlaRoFotodesign on Pixabay