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It hurts my eyes.
The quiet cold drain
On my soul.
Spiralling down,
Cold wind in my hair.
Just falling,
Decline of feeling.
Until numbness claws
Sharp digits scrape
My skin.
Oh insomnia,
How I loath thou.
I don’t chose you
Yet you come
To plague me
With your callous

©️Juliette Turrell

FOOT NOTE: Now don’t start worrying that I’m in a dark place, I’m really not! I’m just sat here at 01:04 with a cup of tea and my liability of a puppy, not much going through my head really. I started thinking about insomnia and how annoying it can be, lack of sleep, lack of control and I opened up a page and spat the proverbial dummy out. It happens that way sometimes! All is well here and I’m heading back to bed. 😴 I hope ☺️