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My bedroom door doesn’t latch,
It makes me a cross patch,
When it wakes me at night,
Giving me such a fright!
With its creaks and its groans,
Metallic hinges moan.
It wakes the dog and he growls
So I block it with towels,
Wedge it shut with a shove!
And a curse to above.
But then the wind blows
And creeeeeaaaak the door goes!
So I pull the windows closed,
But then there’s no air to my nose,
And the dog he does smell,
So I lie there a spell,
But there’s no hope for me now,
I get up, check the towel,
Push the window open wide
And slip back inside,
My warm duvet nest,
Snuggle down, sigh and rest.
Then the wind blows
And creeeaaakkk the door goes!

©️ Juliette Turrell