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Darkness had fallen when she let herself into the cabin, closing the cold, snow filled night out with a shove of the slightly warped door. She shivered involuntarily as the warmth from the room started creeping through her chilled clothes. She flicked the light switch, nothing, no light. Hanging up her coat and prizing off her boots she could see the firelight flicker across the ceiling, the flames were crackling and she naturally gravitated towards the hearth with her hands outstretched.

It didn’t take long for the heat to penetrate to her skin and she turned to warm her rear side, eyes closed, enjoying the delicious sensation. So long had she been on the road, driving in the snow, feeling the cold in her bones: so long had she needed to be in this place, this safe quiet place to feel the warmth it provided. Too long. Her soul was tired, weary, she needed his strength, passion and care to replenish her spirit, she needed to be desired, held and nurtured, to give love and to loved, be in her safe place, in his arms.

He’d heard her come in and knew she’d be soaking up the fire, he’d made sure it had been blazing all evening waiting for her to arrive. As he came down the stairs he could see her doing that little dance she did, as she warmed herself before the flames and he smiled, watching her move.

Picked out in a sliver of moonlight, her eyes were closed, her lips pursed and turned up at the edges as if to blow a kiss as she swayed her hips in the fire light. Her hands fell to the edges of her sweater and she turned, still swaying as she pulled it over her head, her hair crackling a little with static as it fell back from the fabric. He couldn’t see her face now but he knew the expression that would be on it as she gave a quiet laugh, ripples of amusement and mischief playing in her eyes as she dropped the sweater on the rug. Hands stretching towards the flames again she swayed her tush provocatively.

She knew he was watching.

He sat quietly on the stairs, his head resting on the banister, arms placed on his knees, hands clasped loosely, following her graceful movement with his eyes.

She tugged her t’shirt over her head and let it join the sweater on the floor.

Keeping her arms raised she gathered her dark tresses between her fingers, swung her hips in a half pirouette to face him. The dark lace of her bra a darker shadow on her back-lit silhouette. As warmth of the firelight warmed his skin, his expression was lustful, an appreciative smile reaching his eyes.

Her body gyrated and swung smoothly to an enticing rhythm only they could hear, she blew him a kiss; his salacious siren, knowingly enticing him into her arms.

She shimmied her skirt from her hips, her breasts falling through the strip of moonlight: it emphasised the voluptuous bounce as she danced.

Straightening, she playfully twanged the elastic of her garter belt, more black lace stretched low around her hips holding her fine silk stockings in place, but no panties. Another twist, another wiggle, his fingers flexed subconscious but he didn’t reach for her. She feigned a pout over her shoulder, lithely twirled to face him and then swung her hips as if a band had played ‘ba-boom tish!’ She raised an arm and swung the missing panties around her fingers.

‘I have a gift for you, sexy man.’ She cooed with a low chuckle, swaying towards him, flourishing the panties just under his nose. He inhaled her delicate aroma and growled involuntarily.

“Shhh darling, kiss me…” she teased, leaning forward and running her tongue over his lower lip. Eye to eye she could see the naked desire in his gaze, along with an unpredictable glimmer of fire sparking against his tightly controlled passion.

Although relaxed in silent repose, his eyes spoke of intention, of illecebrous cravings, of every promise his body had ever made her. She closed her eyes, paused in an orphic moment in which the fire failed to crackle, her heart forgot to beat as she sucked his lower lip between her teeth, slowly biting down, tempting the devil, until his breath hitched and his hands swiftly encompassed her wrists.

With a sharp tug and a twist, her footing failed as she fell face first, caught expertly across his knees. A sharp smack following in her wake and finding purchase against her upturned buttock. The addictive warmth of the endorphin release hummed through her body and she wiggled expectantly, impatiently yearning to take flight.

A low, calculated chuckle rumbled in his throat as the next palm vibrated against her skin. He heard her sharp intake of breath as his fingers slipped between her dripping lips, he knew that her mouth curved in a satisfied smile as the dance they performed echoed off the fire lit walls to perfect completion.

* * *

©️Juliette Turrell

(Previously published on this blog in three separate parts, I felt it needed pulling together.)