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Well, hello there deary!
Thanks for your query…
This year has me frazzled
And just a little hassled,
I like my head space
So I’m all ‘arse about face’
My world is so peopley
🎶no escape from reality🎶
So although it seems boring
And not worth exploring,
I long for some solitude
A ‘stop the world’ interlude.
I’d find me a cabin
Hidden on a mountain.
The scent of the pine
Is a favourite of mine.
Cuddled deep in the snow,
Yes that’s where I’d go…
Secluded and remote,
But with Internet I hope!
A large soft deep sofa,
Thick blankets to cover.
Those books I never read,
So often I’ve said…
‘When I’ve time I will read those’
And still the time flows.
I’d make a roaring fire,
And just breath, until I desire
A large glass of wine
Chablis would be divine!
From my snuggly, quiet repose
I’d gaze through the windows
And watch the snow fall
And fall and fall and fall…

And do nothing at all.

©️ Juliette Turrell