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Stop your rush

Stop and pause

Stop to breathe

Stop and think

Stop and consider

Stop your speech

Stop and listen

Stop just observe

Stop one moment

Stop and gather


Just stop



©️ Juliette Turrell

Morning WP world, it’s a chilly, dark morning in Blighty.

I don’t know where the above litany of ‘slow the f*** down’ came from precisely, possibly just a reaction to a few busy months and then a day yesterday where I had to sit and wait for others (I’ll tell you what I’m up to this couple of weeks after it’s over 🤫 no big mystery but it puts me at a fixed point and I try and avoid letting the internets know precisely where I am (eh? Andrew? 😂😅))

So, yes, I got to sit in a comfy chair yesterday with my iPad, I played fallout shelter and Minecraft (blame the kids), read a fair bit of word press blogs, also revisited ‘Sourcery’ by the amazing Terry Pratchett, my favourite author. It was a good day, a mindful day and I needed and appreciated the change of pace.

Who knows what today might bring, maybe more of the same or perhaps, even, perchance some excitement!