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Save me a word,

Keep me in your mind,

Just sitting there, thinking as I do,


Contemplating the thoughts you let slip

Into your dark eyes.

Save me a word,

Make it one that caresses your tongue,

Picture me kissing

The pleasure of its vowels

From your lips.

And smile, as our soft skin

Lightly brushes,


Tentative, questioning, lost.

Save me a word.

Make it real in your mind,

To reflect stolen moments,

To remind you of the laughter we shared.

So when you think of my word, I’m there

Touching you,

Holding you close.

And those cold times

You feel like life has marked you,

Shaken and ragged.

Say my word out loud to the wind.

Let it wrap you tightly, as I would

If I could…

And know

You are loved.

©️ Juliette Turrell