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I love the feeling of chilled air entering my lungs, the breathless, full, expanse.

Catching my throat as if by surprise. Frigidness seeping to the depths of my chest.

Needing to quickly exhale plumes of steam, that drifts whispily into nothing.

The cold pinches my ears, exposed and quickly sore, I pull my velvet cap down to cover.

“You look stupid, silly, with your hat like that” my head chides,

“I don’t care! My poor ears! Why did I forget my scarf?” My practical soul replies.

Fingers slowly curling and creeping up the sleeves of my coat, gloves forgotten too.

I trudge on, red suede boots silently covering the miles.

My mind working through the thoughts that crush it, silent alone time making sense of the madness.

©️ Juliette Turrell