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I find it hard to ‘poem’ at Christmas,

To share tales of magic and awe,

To let you know what it was I did last,

Not knowing what others endure.

The awareness that others are suffering,

At a time that is for many, pure joy,

Keeps all the words inside and from uttering,

And retreat is the tool I employ.

But as this odd year is now ending,

And Christmas once more, is away.

It’s hugs and friendship I’m sending

To those of you who want it, anyway 😅

So for 2022 I am hoping,

For fresh starts, for good things and much laughter,

Be kind to yourselves and forgiving,

And happy and content from thereafter.

©️Juliette Turrell

(Laughing at my totally shit poetry, my heart is in the right place but my head is in organisational fall out 😅 I hope you had a great December and it was the best it could be for you! Onwards to another year, another line drawn, these are indeed interesting time we live in.)