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F*** it’s been a tough month, a rough month, an ‘I’ve had enough’ month.

A ‘sit on my a*** and sob’ month.

B******s to the working, the stressing, the obsessing, the ‘what the very F***’ing.’

This B**** wants it stopping.

B***** H*** it’s been a blighter, but I’m a fighter, not a flighter.

Watch it I might bite ya.

September and October have been a D*** H***, I wanna stay in bed, enough said!

Time for hibernation.

I’m P***** off and knackered, M***** F****** shattered. D*** well haggard.

S*** happens…… it’s no placation.

It’s only a week until November, and yeah, I get older, so? Shrug those shoulders.

Pour a glass of wine, you’ll be fine!


©️ Juliette Turrell

Some days only swearing hits the spot 😅