About the Author

This is the official website for the writer Juliette Turrell, some content will be sexually explicit and contain language fitting to adult scenarios.

Juliette studied English and Drama at school and rather liked it, then forgot about it for 20 odd years. In 2010 a kernel of an idea grew in her mind and ended up being a rather large novel, a fantasy adventure of magic and romance, heroic endeavour… You know the usual. It’s still in a box under the bed…

Since then she has enjoyed writing erotica, poems, short stories and generally rambling on about whatever takes her fancy, she published a collection of short stories in 2012. “Summer Storm and other stories” is available on Amazon.

Juliette lives in rural England with her rather mad family, enjoys quiet and solitude to think and write which rarely happens, so she fills her time organising the mayhem, drinking wine, crafting beautiful things with silver, crocheting, camping, cycling and procrastinating (otherwise known as ‘avoiding the ironing’)

Should you wish, you can follow her on

Twitter @julietteturrell

Tumblr https://soul-sparkling-bright.tumblr.com/

or contact by email  julietteturrell@gmail.com

All the posts on this site are © Juliette Turrell

2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Thank you for your kind follow, and I hope you can find the time to read more of my work. I will of course follow back and read yours too. I am also in England.

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  2. Excellent!

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