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She wanted him. She wanted him so badly it ached, every cell of her body desired him wantonly, blood pulsing faster, nipples hardening, chaffing inside her lacy bra as her blouse moved across them while she worked, her entire being physically gravitated to him, passing thoughts of him drew soft moans from her throat and the sight of him left her breathless with desire…

… and he knew it.  Watching the way her face tilted as he took the orders from her, fingertips brushing slightly lingering a little too long, wary of her beautiful sultry eyes following him across the kitchen as he worked before she reluctantly returned to the restaurant, her heels crisply cracking across the terracotta floor tiles, hips swaying her shapely bottom out through the door.

As the last customers left she flipped the closed sign on the front door and slid the blot home with a sigh, another busy night over.  Her colleague waved from the back by the kitchen door and she smiled and waved back as he left her to finish up on her own.  She heard him loudly bid goodnight to someone as he passed through the kitchen.  She pulled out the clip from her hair letting it fall loose.

He wiped the last steel work surface clean and turned off the service lamps, feeling sticky from the hot work he turned on the tap, water gushing into the big kitchen sink and stripped off his hat, long apron and chefs jacket, peeling his t’shirt over his head dropping it all in a pile on the drainer and plunged into the cool water, splashing vigorously, rubbing his hair, enjoying the chill of the water.

Gathering the last of the coffee cups onto a tray she picked it up and headed toward the kitchen, flicking the restaurant lights off with her chin as she passed the switch.  She kicked the swinging kitchen door open and entered the kitchen.  Gasping in surprise as he looked up from the sink, strong arms braced against its edge, water dripping from his short hair across his broad shoulders.

As the water coursed down his face he watched her shakily place the tray on the service bench and mumble an apology, she took a step backwards but didn’t flee, just stared, eyes wide a flush rising in her cheeks.  Without dropping his eyes he reached for his t’shirt and wiped the water droplets from his face watching as she tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, her lips forming a smirk.

Tonight, she thought, as his lips flickered with a hint of a smile, his stare still cool but unhindered. She took another step back as he threw the t’shirt on the drainer, feeling the cool tiled wall behind her she leaned back and slowly started undoing the buttons on her shirt, exaggerating every move, teasing the white cotton apart, languidly gazing through her eyelashes.

He perched himself on the edge of the sink and crossed his arms, his eyes following her fingers as they moved down her shirt, silently taking in the sight of her olive skin contrasting to the white lace bra, with each button she undid he felt himself harden, her long fingers easing the fabric from the waist band of her pencil tight skirt then running up her stomach to her breasts, fondling lightly.

Easing off her shoe she traced her foot up the tiles of the wall, as her knee rose higher she pulled her skirt up her thigh, watching his eyes drop to her legs as the lacy tops of her stockings came into view.  She smiled as he shifted his weight lazily pulling out the white cord from around his waist, pouted amused as his trousers fell to the floor, sighed deeply as he stepped out of them and also his shoes.

Three slow, casual paces and he was right in front of her, he heard her catch her breath in anticipation, her body heat prickled his skin as he sucked in her light floral scent, she arched her body towards his, he carefully kept the slightest distance breathing air lightly across her neck and her collar, he felt his closeness cause her to quiver, a guttural moan escaping her throat.

A hard satisfaction crossed his eyes at her involuntary reaction, his mouth flickering in a sadistic twist, she closed her eyes and breathed slowly, her desire for him coursing through her body, longing for his hand on her throat, not daring to move or flinch she waited anticipation growing as she felt his finger tips at her neck, tracing her jaw, opening her eyes to see his, burning with lust.

Gathering her wrists together in one large hand he wound his trouser cord around them tying tightly, holding them above her head with a look of warning.  He pushed up her skirt to her waist, nudging her feet so she lifted her foot, he kicked off the other shoe and spread her feet wider, her breathing in heavy gasps near his ear as he pulled her bra up taking her nipple in his teeth, biting.

She moaned again, then inhaled sharply as he straightened up his hand closing tighter around her wrists, he placed a finger on her mouth to silence her, looking at him pleadingly taking in his frown, freezing like a statue as he held her chin firmly between his thumb and finger, his frown eased but she didn’t relax, his hand moved around her throat, she closed her eyes relishing his mastery.

Pulling her neck sharply towards him, he kissed her ferociously, biting at her lips, filling her mouth with his tongue, driving her into the wall with his body weight, his free hand dropping to her waist, pulling aside her scanty knickers and sliding his fingers around her mound. Groaning into her mouth as his fingers probed between her lips, finding her soaked he thrust his fingers in deeper.

Tipping her hips towards him grinding down on his hand, driving him further inside her, losing herself in the moment, gasping as he withdrew himself sharply from her, he glared at her for her audacity.  She whimpered wanting more wriggling under his still tight grip on her wrists, he yanked her arms up, she yelped, her pretty mouth contorting in pain, her head thrust back against the wall.

He waited, watching as she calmed herself, her hungry eyes meeting his fleetingly before dropping demurely. Satisfied he traced his thumb across her mouth; she met his eyes but took no further liberty. Pleased, he feed his juice laden fingers into her mouth, allowing her to lap greedily, joining her, licking her mouth and tongue hungrily before slipping his fingers away, sucking her tongue.

Caught in his passionate kisses, desire burning in her groin, she felt him thrust his fingers back inside her, his arm rubbing her clit as he pumped two fingers vigorously, stifling a moan in her throat as his teeth tugged at her bottom lip lost in his lust, the pressure between her legs increasing as he pushed in another finger. Arching her back; crying out as he stretched her further sinking four fingers inside.

Pounding his hand into her cunt, pushing past the knuckles as she wept for more in his ear, robustly ramming himself against her thigh, sinking his hand further against her pelvic bones, teeth tearing at her mouth and his grip ever tighter on her wrists he felt her convulse on his fingers, screaming as her orgasm wracked her body mercilessly, his balls tightened and he came, cum snaking over her thigh.

Feeling his grip release her wrists she slid down the wall to the floor panting, looking up at him she could see his eyes still burning in his otherwise steely face, the dim light casting shadows across his muscular frame.  She held up her arms and he pulled the restraint from her wrists and rubbed them soothingly, she sighed as he knelt before her and kissed the red welt marks on her skin.

Gently pushing her tangled hair from her face, he traced his fingers lovingly down her jaw and leaning forward, kissed her raw lips tenderly, licking away the smug of blood from her chin, he took her hand and traced her fingers through his semen on her thigh, rubbing her sodden fingertips across his lips, carefully licking her fingers clean, before kissing her again, sharing his taste.

Responding to his gentle attentions, she felt his arms encircle her as he picked her up off the floor holding her to his chest, slipping her arm around his neck she snuggled into his neck caressing behind his ear lightly with her lips, her hand cupping his face as he walked towards the stairs with long purposeful strides, whispering “Now I shall worship every inch of your slutty body.”

© Juliette Turrell

Eroticmoonbeam – May 2011

Juliette Turrell’s WordPress will be 10 next February, yesterday I had this notification that I’ve written 200 posts here, only 20 a year approximately. Not a lot, I have big gaps of block or being too busy (or being in the wrong headspace) so I’m pleased that I seem to have that headspace right now although it’s so very different now!

This piece was one of the few (the others are in the ebook) that made me realise my ‘Eroticmoonbeam’ persona, as jovial as she was, wasn’t cutting it. Also, ‘The Exotic Lady’ blog, created to be tamer, didn’t hit the spot… My ‘Mummy blog’ died a death when the smalls chose not to be on the internets, so I became “Juliette” and combined the three, I’m still most happy that I did, it feel whole to me.

I love revisiting my work, that sounds vain but it’s not really, each piece reminds me of where I was, who I was chatting to and sometime who they were about, it’s revisiting memories and emotions, from a safe distance!

Pain is never lost on a poet, but neither is joy, or mischief, or achievement or any other emotion. We channel it into our work in an incredible and often healthy way. Then send it out into the world to touch others. A gift and yet a responsibility too.

Here’s to the next 200 posts!